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Marketing grows exponentially, and you can take advantage of all it strategies. But if you're trying to learn marketing just by looking for related topics on Google, you will get confusing and overwhelming info.

We would found a large (GREAT) amount of information on different pages, without knowing which one to choose. Do not worry! In Mejor Marketing we have compiled some of the best resources for you to learn efficiently.

1. Google Online Marketing Channel

It is an opportunity for students to gain experience creating and executing marketing campaigns in the real world, for non-profit organizations. A monthly budget of $ 10,000 USD of credit for Google Ads is allocated and an association is assigned to work together. Learn more at:

2. Social Media Quicksarter of the blog Constant contact

It offers you step-by-step instructions to start building a presence in the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google My Business, Youtube and Snapchat. Learn more at:

3. Google Skillshop

It is the official Google platform for you to learn how to do marketing using Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Analytics, Waze and Google My Business. You can choose between levels for beginner to advanced courses, and there are options to obtain a certification that is valued by many companies from different industries. Visit

4. SemRush Academy

In addition to its tool to optimize the website's SEO, SemRush offers training and certification services, both for beginners and experts in web and digital marketing. Learn more at:

5. Facebook Blurprint

This is the official Facebook and Instragram training for business pages and paid ads. The content is designed for beginners, but it also offers the benefit of obtaining a certification

6. Copyblogger: Internet marketing

Learn how to improve the content of a website and marketing strategies with this blog of experts that give you ideas about SEO, how to create the right message, betters calls-to-action that reader's engagement, how to create audiences that contribute in the return on investment, among many more. Read the articles at:


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Grow Your Brand! Together we can do Mejor Marketing.

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