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5G Meaning for Marketing

The speed of networks has increased dramatically since 2009. The incursion of the 5G Network will impact the lives of everyone, including the way we make and consume marketing content.

A few weeks ago, the first 5G networks (the fifth gen of cellular networks - wireless) were installed in the US. The change of this type of technolgies is complex, since the standard was defined at the end of 2017. So, we are expecting limited coverage at least during 2019 and possibly part of 2020.

With 5G network we expect an important growth in data transmission capacity, with speeds that will be a thousand times faster than the 4G technology we currently know. I mean: up to 20 times faster than 4G LTE.

What does that mean on marketing?

With current 4G technology, we see a little latency when we click something on the internet. In many cases, a few seconds pass before showing the content. The 5G network will allow immediate action WITH NO DELAYS. As a result, the user will have a better experience.

As a result, the marketing platforms will have to make the advertising spaces much faster. Also, the speed of data will open the door to video ads in high resolution (4K - up to 8 k). Also, the capacity for personalization will increase with more flexible and creative formats.

In addition, the current limitations of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are going to be removed.

One of the most important changes will be the IoT connectivity. Can you imagine? Your company could send products through drones; smart cities, houses and robots, and even self-driving vehicles.

Even when these are just predictions, the marketing industry will have exciting new ways to create content, experiences and products.

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